Hey! I'm Tom.

but you probably already knew that, since you're on my site.

I'm an Engineering Leader with over a decade of experience shipping quality software that delights users and drives meaningful business impact.

I'm currently an Engineering Team Manager at Squarespace leading our Growth Activation team. I love working at Squarespace because I get to help build tools that democratize the web and enable anyone to build an online presence in a beautiful and cohesive way.

I've worked as a software engineer within a variety of industries, from large legacy media companies to tiny scrappy startups. I've participated in successful exits, most recently having had the pleasure of helping to bring Squarespace public in 2021.

I'm really interested in working with thoughtful and talented teams, building products that improve the lives and livelihoods of regular people in meaningful ways. If that sounds like you, I'm always open to hearing about new opportunities.