I am on a mission to build world class software that delights users and solves meaningful business problems. I've worked in a variety of industries, from tiny scrappy startups to large legacy media companies.


Engineering Team Manager, Activation

I lead the Activation team, which is responsible for the first experience of Squarespace customers. We build features that help customers get started with Squarespace, and we work to ensure that their first experience is delightful.

Prior to my role as an Engineering Team Manager, I held the following roles focused around growth, customer acquisition, and early customer success:

  • Team Lead, Custom Starting Points
  • Team Lead, Conversion
  • Senior Software Engineer II, Conversion
  • Senior Software Engineer I, Trial Experience
  • Software Engineer, Trial Experience


Frontend Engineer

I was the sole frontend engineer at Breaker, a social podcasting app and member of YCombinator batch W17. I built and maintained the frontend for the suite of Breaker web applications, including the landing page, account dashboard, web podcast player, content authoring tools and the frontend for social controls (i.e commenting, liking, sharing, subscribing).

The Breaker team were acquired by Twitter in 2019.


Senior Frontend Engineer

Reserve was a dining concierge app which provided both consumer-facing reservation booking and restaurant-facing table management software for both iOS and the web. I worked on a team of three to build and maintain all of our web applications.

Reserve was acquired by Resy in 2018.


Team Lead, Mobile Web

At Forbes, I contributed to a major rewrite of the Interstitial and Article pages, core components of the website.

Later, I stepped into the role of Team Lead for Mobile Web initiatives. I lead the redesign of Forbes' mobile web experience, building one of the first major Progressive Web Applications (PWA) released in 2017. My work was featured in Google Chrome Dev Summit 2017. (Let me know if you can spot me in the video!)

Prior to my role as Mobile Web Team Lead, I held the following roles

  • Frontend Engineer, Product Team

Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochester Institute of Technology

Web Applications Developer

I worked as the sole Web Applications Developer for the Department of Assessment, Research & Technical Services at RIT. Developed and maintained internal tooling systems for use by department staff.

I Maintained and expanded existing web portals and applications used by thousands of students across campus. Worked in a full stack capacity, primarily working with PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.